how to change gateway ip?

how to change gateway ip?

Post by Postmaste » Thu, 15 Feb 2001 04:28:08

i'v installed solaris 8, but i want to change the default dateway ip, how to
thanx for reply

how to change gateway ip?

Post by Barry Margoli » Thu, 15 Feb 2001 04:40:45

>i'v installed solaris 8, but i want to change the default dateway ip, how to

Edit /etc/defaultrouter and either reboot or do:

route add default <new-ip>
route delete default <old-ip>


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Hi, I have a linux box connected to the internet and to the local network.
It acts as a gateway to share the internet connection. It uses Mandrake 8.0
and Bastille firewall for ip-masquerading.
The internal adress in I want to change this adress to
(we are setting up a VPN and the remote client has the adress
also) and when I do that, no one on the network can access the internet
anymore, I checked the client IP configuration to use the new
gateway but nothing changes, I checked the dns, host, bastille configuration
and changed everything I could find with the old adress to the new one and
nothing happened.

When I go back to the previous configuration ( everything comes
back to normal.

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