File transfers from UNIX box to IBM Mainframe

File transfers from UNIX box to IBM Mainframe

Post by Samir Chop » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone out there know of any software that would facilitate
file/batch transfers from a Sparc 1000 (Solaris 2.4) to a IBM 3090?
Installing TCP/IP on the IBM is not an option. I believe our group
tried SunLink RJE and failed to get it to work.

Please e_mail. I'll summarize if anyone is interested.



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1. Need secure file transfer between Mainframe and Unix

Subject: Looking for secure (encrypted) file transfer
            between IBM Mainframe and Unix boxes

I have been asked to research the existence of existing (COTS) products
that would allow files to be exchanged (FTP'd I say) between IBM
mainframe systems (with TCP/IP capability, I assume) and Unix platforms
(note the plural form).

This is an ongoing requirement and simplified key management is desired.

I suggested that they look for an implementation of the secure socket
layer (SSL) protocol, but I don't think there are any as of now.  

Is anyone working on implementing SSL for other than WWW use?

I'm open to suggestions?  (Only polite ones please.)

Thank you in advance.


James A.(Artch) Griffin
Athena Associates, Inc.

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