Problems with ct and login spawning

Problems with ct and login spawning

Post by Massimo Cas » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00


i'm trying to install a callback script on my system using the ct command...
but it doesn't work
i describe the situation in detail....

the parametrs for ttya in the eeprom are the following:

i enabled solaris for a bidirectional modem with the foolowin ttydef:
conttyH8hi:38400 -parenb cs8 ignpar opost onlcr:38400 hupcl -clocal -parenb ignpar cs8 -istrip -ixon ixany crtscts::conttyH8hi

then i use the ct command :
nohup ct -v -w${WAIT} -s38400 -x${DEBUG} ${PHONENUM})&
it uses the following dialer in /etc/uucp/Devices:
ACU cua/a - 38400 hayes

the modem is initialized correctly..i changed /etc/uucp/Dialers in the following way:
hayes   =,-,    "" \dA\pTZ\r\c OK\r \dATDT\D\r\c CONNECT

..the call starts

on the remote site (in this case a PC) the modem answers the call...
after the connect i see on the screen

i try to type my login name, but i can't see anything and after a while 'Reconnect?' appears on the screen....
and the the line drops.

this is the nohup.out file...
ulockf name /var/spool/locks/LK.032.029.131072
Device Type ACU wanted
Trying device entry 'cua/a' from '/etc/uucp/Devices'.
processdev: calling setdevcfg(ct, ACU)
fd_mklock: ok
fixline(1, 38400)
gdial(hayes) called
Trying caller script 'hayes' from '/etc/uucp/Dialers'.
expect: ("")
got it
sendthem (DELAY
????????<NO CR>)
expect: (OK^M)
ATZ^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (DELAY
????????<NO CR>)
expect: (CONNECT)
start login process (/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h -t 60 -l 38400)
chmod/chown /dev/cua/a

in my opninion the problem could be the parameters with wich ct calls ttymon
the default definition for label 38400 in /etc/ttydefs is:
38400:38400 hupcl:38400 hupcl::19200

i tried to change it to:
38400:38400 -parenb cs8 ignpar opost onlcr:38400 hupcl -clocal -parenb ignpar cs8 -istrip -ixon ixany crtscts::38400

but the problem is present with both the settings....

i hope that i gave  useful information...

any suggestion?

thank you very much,


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Thanks in advance,


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