Advice sought: global zone pkgs vs. local zone pkgs

Advice sought: global zone pkgs vs. local zone pkgs

Post by Jay G. Sco » Wed, 16 Nov 2005 05:46:12

i'm running into a situation where some of our packages don't
install onto a local zone as a result of inheritance from
the global zone.  (some have request scripts, for example.)

the question--before i go any further:
does it make sense to install a small cluster, like SUNWCuser
on the global zone, and bigger clusters on the local zones?
(assuming that's what you need.)  or do you install
the biggest cluster of all the local zones onto the global zone?
or is it basically assumed that all the zones will have the
same cluster/pkgs?

assuming that having different clusters is possible, here's
the tradeoffs i see:
if the global zone has everything then, if the patches work
right, patching the global should do the right thing
for everybody (assuming that's what you want).
disadvantage:  you have to go to the trouble of
deleting packages from the local zones by hand.
and that can be a real chore.

if the global zone is small, i don't know whether a patch
that's not needed in the global but is needed in a local
will know how to patch just the local zone.
and you have to add packages by hand to the local zones.
also a real chore.

and, furthermore, this all assumes that it's possible to
get different clusters installed one the zones.  and it
further assumes that getting all those zones set up is
a feasible thing.   it appears to me that these assumptions
have a good chance of being wrong, and that renders the
questions above moot.


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Yes, I will be "upgrading" to pca eventually.


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