Writing agents for SunNet Manager

Writing agents for SunNet Manager

Post by Kathy Ta » Sat, 29 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have been looking at using SunNet Manager for use in monitoring
system load.  I'm curious as to how difficult it would be to write
an agent.  I have an application which I would need to convert.

I have all the docs, but am interested in hearing from those of
you who have actually written agents.. Any tips or problems to be
aware of?



1. new SunNet Manager - any better?

I have horrible timing.  I bought SunNet manager 2.2.3 just before
3.0 (or whatever the new version is) came out.  I must say that I
am VERY disapointed in this product.  The best info on working around
the problems I can find on sunsolve is "don't do that on key machines".
To me this defeats the purpouse of the product.  It looks like sun
is not going to do any bugfixes for this.  Is the new version any


- Doug

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