dp-3.1.2 / Solaris 2.3 config

dp-3.1.2 / Solaris 2.3 config

Post by Jason Dav » Wed, 09 Nov 1994 12:04:36

First off, I need to apologize for being such a clueless newbie when it
comes to PPP.

SITUATION: I have a SPARC laptop with Solaris 2.3 and DP-3.1.2.  I have
gotten it to compile and I am struggling with the configuration.

My laptop has it's own IP address and it is known on the NIS network at
work.  I would like to use my laptop, via PPP, to dial in and access
more than just text-based apps.

I have the modem config set up correctly, because 'tip' works well.  I
can dial in at an effective baud rate of 38400.

The modem pool at work (Telebit Trailblazer with 24 nodes) gives a menu
after login and passwd verification which asks if you want to do a SLIP,
PPP, telnet, rlogin, etc connection.  I am not worried about that part,
because I'll hash out the 'chat script' once I get the modem to dial.

My problem is that I don't understand how dp-3.1.2 works.  If I tip into
the modem pool and select PPP packets start to come across.  I don't see
how running another shell and executing 'ppp' will work.  I still have a
shell spitting packets.

My dp log file says the daemon is running OK.  I have NO idea how to
force the modem to "dial-on-demand" to start the ppp hookup.  The docs
on dp are somewhat sparse and my TCP/IP handbook is sparser.

When I am at work, I plug in and the net knows my machine's IP.  When
I'm remote I'm supposed to use one of the modem pool's IP addresses?

What do I do?  Route command?  ppp command?  Can someone provide some
examples of their various config file?  I could end up being any of 24 IP
addresses - I don't see a dynamic IP address allocation option for the
remote end...  CONFUSED.  ANY help is MOST appreciated!  Pointing me
toward a FAQ or another help group is appreciated!

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dp-3.1.2 / Solaris 2.3 config

Post by Philip Bro » Wed, 09 Nov 1994 15:19:32

>I have the modem config set up correctly, because 'tip' works well.  I
>can dial in at an effective baud rate of 38400.

au contraire. you have an effective baud rate of 14.4k.
running a ppp or slip link drags things down horrible. burst rate is
completely irrelevant.

(to put things more meaningfully, you will probably have a throughput of
around 2k bps.nothing spectacular. and in fact, horribly slow if you're
used to ethernet speeds.)

mhy advice to you is to fiddle with the dial-up scripts , not to go
through tip.

sorry I can't give you more details.

Philip Brown, author of "kdrill", and "xmandel"