2.3 Installation and /home: server

2.3 Installation and /home: server

Post by Steve Goldfie » Sun, 13 Mar 1994 01:38:36

After experiencing serious problems with SunOS 5.3 upon
upgrading from 5.1, I paid to have a Sun technician come
out to reinstall the OS. (problems with mail and NFS that
I didn't have in 5.1) We noticed that the installation
program doesn't create a /home partition on its own.
Does anyone know why that is?

University of California at Berkeley     Richmond Field Station

1. mounting filesystem from a 4.1.3 server to a solaris 2.3 server


I finished installing solaris 2.3 on a SUN 1000 box. I am trying to
mount my /home filesystem from a server which is running 4.1.3 onto the
1000 box. My command is

# mount pollux:/home /home

I keep getting device busy mesg. Any suggestion please ?


-- Niranjan

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