Replacing an NIS+ master server

Replacing an NIS+ master server

Post by james.j.grybows » Mon, 01 Nov 1993 07:34:44

My department is in the process of replacing our current NIS+ root master
server, a Sparc 2, with a SparcCenter 2000.  We'd like to keep the domain name
the same, but the host name will be different.  Has anyone out there ever done
this? If so, what procedure did you follow?  None of the Sun documentation is
aimed at this type of situation.  

I realize that the NIS_COLD_START files on all NIS+ clients will need
to be updated.  The one area I have the biggest concern about is transferring
the credential information.  Any suggestions that you can provide would
be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
  Jim Grybowski


1. Replacing NIS+ root master server


I want to replace our current NIS+ root master server (intel
architecture) with a more powerful machine (ultra 60).

I am looking for the best way to transfer the NIS+ data
onto the new machine without loosing information,
especially in the credential table.

Any hints ?

Andreas Graevinghoff
FernUniversitaet Hagen

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