Creating bootable install CD's of Solaris 8 x86

Creating bootable install CD's of Solaris 8 x86

Post by am.. » Sat, 20 Jan 2001 21:32:28


I am looking for the steps on  how to create bootable Solaris x86
Install CD's.  I believe steps were posted on newsnet some time ago.
Any help would be appreciated. I would like to take the Solaris 8
Install CD,  make changes to fit my needs and make my own Solaris
Install CD. I will be using mkisofs and cdrecord software/tools to do


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I just downloaded Yellow Dog Linux as an iso CD-ROM image.  YDL readme
specifically says "Note on burning:  make sure you use your CD burning
software's 'Burn from ISO' option.  Mounting the iso image and then
burning will NOT work."

Trouble is, I can't find a way to do just that.  Help! :)

<>< Bruce

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