Solaris X86 Installation Problem

Solaris X86 Installation Problem

Post by norm3.. » Mon, 01 Sep 1997 04:00:00

        I recently upgraded my SCSI Adapter card to an Adaptec 2940UW
and decided to reload Solaris for the X86 on to my computer (it was
running fine on my old SCSI card previouse to this). I downloaded the
Update 10 Boot and Distribution disks and reloaded the system. After
going through the Solaris Installation it asked me for the Driver
Update disks and then errors out on me. It says that I do not have
enough space to load the drivers, I have even tried adding an
additional space to each partition. When the computer reboots to load
Solaris, it cannot find the drivers for my new SCSI card. I have tried
booting off the CDROM and manually installing the drivers but it won't
work either. I mount my installed ROOT partititions to /mnt on the
CDROM and the rest of the partitions under /mnt, but when I do a
CHROOT to /mnt I loose my mount points (ie a MOUNT command returns
nothing, same with DF and DU). When I run the installpatch
scripts it tries to determin if I have enough room to install the
drivers but it cannot because it can't find my mountpoints. Any

Norman Ackroyd

Detroit, MI



   I was trying to install Solaris x86 onto a PC having an Adaptec 2940 SCSI
controller card and a SCSI hard drive. When the Solaris installation diskette
asks for the BOOT DEVICE i gave the CD-ROM as the BOOT device and i gave the
installation option as Interactive. After 2 minutes or so(i.e as soon as the
spinning cursor stops) i get errors like "BAD TRAP", "PAGE FAULT",
"Wrong Kernel address".

The SCSI host adapter is Adaptec AHA-2940/2940W*
The CD-ROM Drive is Sony CDU 561 SUNMSD
The Hard Drive is SeaGate ST11200N
The driver version is Update 8

If you have any idea about this please send me a mail at

Thanks a lot,


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