Solaris install questions

Solaris install questions

Post by Perry Minya » Sat, 08 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I currently have approx. 5 Sparc 1's.  All are currently running SunOS
4.1.2.  One of them is a server, acting as a NIS master server, and the
rest are workstations.  On the server, in the /etc/exports file, I see
that /export/swap/[workstation-name] and /export/root/[workstation-name]
are configured, however, on the workstations I see a locally mounted "root
(/)" partition when I do a "df".  Everything else is NFS mounted from the
server.   Why is there a /export/root/... defined if the workstation has
its own "/" partition?

Also, during the install on my Sparc 5, it prompted me for the # of
diskless workstations to support, as well as how much swap to allocate
for each.  Each one of my existing workstations have 8 meg allocated as
swap but Solaris defaulted 24 meg for each diskless client.  Obviously,
the amount of swap is dependant upon many factors such as RAM, the
applications being used, # of users, etc.  Is there a specific reason
that 24 meg was the default for the solaris install?

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Hello All,
I've got another question.  I downloaded Solaris 9 off Sun's site, but when
I burned the images on to CD I get a bad magic number error trying to boot
the CDrom.  I burned the CD using Roxio's Toast 5.0.1 on my MAC.  Could this
error be due to the fact that a MAC did this and not a PC?  If it is then
I'll have to have a friend burn the images for me.  As far as I could tell,
Sun did not have instructions on how to burn the CD on a Mac on their site.


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