File Management w/Solaris

File Management w/Solaris

Post by chris lag » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 16:07:16

I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but I have a question
regarding moving files using the file manager on my Sparc w Solaris 2.?

I have accounts on two different servers, and I would like to copy several
directory trees using the file manager on the desktop from one of
the servers ( remote ) to the other ( local ).  By setting the
DISPLAY variables in each environment I am able to get file managers
for both accounts up on my monitor, and I am able to copy single
files or groups of files from one to the other, but I cannot copy entire
folders and subfolders from one account to the other. Is this possible on
the Solaris system or not? ( I am running OpenWindows... _)



1. Solaris Management Console error: domain file does not exist

When I run the Solaris Management Console application from the
control panel in CDE, as root, and then try to view users
I get the following error:

The management server cannot perform the operation requested.

If this problem persists, refer to the Log Viewer for additional information and
 contact your Sun Microsystems support provider.

The actual error reported was:
The management domain file:/sikoya/0 does not exist or cannot be managed on serv
er sikoya.


sikoya is my hostname.
any solutions?

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