HP 9000 PA RISC 712/60 $160!!!!

HP 9000 PA RISC 712/60 $160!!!!

Post by R » Mon, 30 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have 10 avaliable:
Hewlett Packard 712/60 PA-RISC Unix Workstation. 32mb (2x16) RAM,  (more
ram available)1GB hard drive, 2 serial slots, 1 parallel, 1 SCSI-II, 1 EISA
slot (with adapter),  Ethernet and audio in and out ports. Sorry no UX
installed. All in perfect working condition.  This is just the box w/hd and
ram. No monitor, no keyboard, no cables or other accessories.
Price: $160 US plus $20 for insured shipping/handling (UPS Ground COD
within cont. US/Canada)
Ross (905)820-0875

I also have the Hewlett Packard 20" A1097 Monitors for these (though the
systems will run with any monitor) these monitors are about 65lbs and would
cost a fortune to ship --- but are available for $150US each +


1. 712/60 HP PA-RISC no boot disk

Does anyone know where on the Sun site there may be information on how to
install Solaris 8 without a boot disk. Since this machine came with a wiped
hard drive, there is no way to make a bootable CD. Has anyone been able to
work around this problem?

The machien has an external CD-ROM, SCSI, which is seen by the ROM on the
712/60, but I cannot, obviously, boot from it. The CD has the Instal CD for
Solaris 8 inserted, but cannot read anything. I was told that Solaris runs
well on a 712/60, and would love to prove that point.


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