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I am trying to set up UUCP over TCP. I followed the manuals but yet I am
not able to connect or receive using the above process. I want to change
my newsfeed using UUCP over TCP.

  Doing a uulog -x I always get the error

      XQT DENIED (rnews) errors.

I am using rnews that comes with inn. I have set up the permissions file
for my feeder too. Any one can guide me or give me the correct procedure ?

I would be very thankful
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1. UUCP over ethernet (TCP/IP) ?

Hi all:

I remember seeing somebody talk about UUCP over ethernet ( TCP/IP )
in the not-too-distant-past. At the time I wasn't interested ( ain't
that the way ?).

The file "/etc/services" mentions the uucp daemon both on SCO ver 3.2.2
conference      531/tcp         chat
netnews         532/tcp         readnews
netwall         533/udp                         # -for emergency broadcasts
uucp            540/tcp         uucpd           # uucp daemon
remotefs        556/tcp         rfs_server rfs  # Brunhoff remote filesystem

and on Sun OS ver 4.1.2
shell           514/tcp         cmd             # no passwords used
printer         515/tcp         spooler         # line printer spooler
courier         530/tcp         rpc             # experimental
uucp            540/tcp         uucpd           # uucp daemon
biff            512/udp         comsat
who             513/udp         whod

In Sun 4.1.2 the file /etc/uucp/Devices also ( tantalizingly ) mentions
uucp via TCP, to wit;
# The Devices file is used in conjunction with the Dialers file.
# Types that appear in the 5th field must be either built-in
#  functions (801, Sytek, TCP, Unetserver, DK)
#  or standard functions whose name appears in the first
#  field in the Dialers file.
[ stuff deleted ]

# TCP,et - - Any TCP -

Authors Kochan & Wood writing in Unix Networking mention uucp via TCP
in passing, but not in any detail.

I've looked all over many local systems searching for "uucpd" with no

How about some pointers?


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