ioctl SIOCGIFCONF fails when there are >32 virtual interfaces

ioctl SIOCGIFCONF fails when there are >32 virtual interfaces

Post by Sam Eat » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

This one has me tearing my hair out....

Solaris 2.5 on Sparc, latest recommended patches.

When I added my 31st virtual interface, thereby giving me 32 in total
from le0, to le0:31, quite a collection of programs started throwing up

One of the main programs that is completely broken by this is Solstice
Backup (networker) 4.1.2, which gives a set of errors such as :

get_myaddress: ioctl (get interface configuration): Invalid argument
is_myaddr: Invalid argument

With a bit of digging and examining some other programs which I DO have
source for which were also broken, it seems that the ioctl call
SIOCGIFCONF is now failing with EINVAL, and logical deduction would
suggest that this is what get_myaddress is using behind the scenes.

I'm assuming that there is some * bug in the code implementing
ioctl SIOCGIFCONF which doesn't like there being more than 31
interfaces, as the problem disappears the moment I remove that 32nd

I've looked in the FAQ, and I've looked at the current public patches.
I don't have a SunSolve account, coz my company hasn't yet 'seen the
need' to purchase a support contract, so I haven't been through all the
stuff on SunSolve.  So I can't find anything about it.

So basically I'm stumped, and wonder if a) this is a known problem, and
b) if there's a patch/workaround/dead chicken for it?

Thanks in advance...

Sam Eaton             System Administrator, Cocoon Internet Services Ltd
        "Fortified with essential bitterness and sarcasm"
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Is this a known bug and already fixed.....

please let me know


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