Solaris Quake2 Client

Solaris Quake2 Client

Post by Matt Port » Thu, 02 Apr 1998 04:00:00

It seems that Sun loaned Dave Kirsch (official porter of QuakeII for all
non-Win32 platforms) an UltraSPARC in order to complete a port of QuakeI
and Quakeworld to Solaris.  Is it possible that Sun would loan him a
similar machine again so he can do a quick Quake2 build for Solaris?
Anybody have any contact information for who might have orchestrated this
hardware loan so we can get them to do it again.

It's a shame our Ultra2's sit idle in the off-hours on our dormant LAN. :)

Matt Porter


1. Getting Quake2 client running on Solaris/SPARC ...

Hi !


The source for Quake2 has been released a while ago (see ... did anyone get
the _client_ compile&run either with the builtin software-render and/or
the OpenGL engine on a SPARC machine yet ?



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