olvwm / Solaris 2.3 / OpenWindows 3.3

olvwm / Solaris 2.3 / OpenWindows 3.3

Post by -T.Thomps » Sun, 17 Apr 1994 06:19:34

Does anyone have a version of olvwm working under Solaris 2.3 on a
Sparc 2? The version of OpenWindows is 3.3.

I'm forever*: when coming out of xlock, when trying to quit
an xterm,... I have to telnet into my machine, and kill the olvwm
process, and start OpenWindows again. Very annoying.

I've retrieved the source from sunsite.unc.edu, but the executable
built from it is not better: my xterms have no title bars nor scroll
bars, and shortly after starting, OpenWindows crashes, bringing me
back to a shell prompt.

I've applied all relevant patches to this Sparc 2, both those for
Solaris 2.3 as well as all OpenWindows patches.

To make matters worse, an officemate across the hall has things
working just fine on a SparcStation LX, but when I copy his control
files (.xinitrc, .openwin-init, etc.) over to this Sparc 2, I get
the same behavior.

Am I destined to use olwm instead of olvwm? Please say it isn't so!
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olvwm / Solaris 2.3 / OpenWindows 3.3

Post by Erik Wil » Tue, 19 Apr 1994 15:29:37

> Does anyone have a version of olvwm working under Solaris 2.3 on a
> Sparc 2? The version of OpenWindows is 3.3.

Yes, I have (at least on a Sparc 10). Which version are you trying to use? You
better get olvwm4. I had lots of trouble with running olvwm3 under 2.3, after
downloading olvwm4, everything just worked fine... Try it this way.

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Dear Fellow Netizens,

I am running Solaris 2.3 on a Sun SPARCstation 10, and using OpenWindows 3.3
(Sun's pared-down version of X11R5).  I would like to add XView support to this
environment, and to that end, copied down XView 3.2 (patch level 1) from
ftp.x.org.  The instructions are rather complex, and strrongly suggest that this
package will install under OpenWindows.  I've not been able to make it do so,
however, probably because I am misinterpreting ambiguous remarks in the file

Has ayone successfully installed this package under OpenWindows 3.3?  If so,
I'd be enormously grateful for copies of the files you modified to do so.

Thanks and Best Wishes for the New Year,

R. P. C. Rodgers, M.D.|Computer Science Branch

(301)496-9300 (voice) |National Library of Medicine, NIH
(301)496-0673 (fax)   |8600 Rockville Pike Bethesda MD 20894 USA

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