remote ufsdump/ufsrestore problem

remote ufsdump/ufsrestore problem

Post by Oscar Goosen » Fri, 28 May 1999 04:00:00

Hello all,
I  make dumps on a regular basis of the bootdisks of our Solaris 2.6 servers
to a remote host, like this:

ufsdump 0f - <raw-device> | (rsh <remote-host> "cd /backup_dir; ufsrestore
xf -").

This works fine. However, I want to make a script which I can place on any
new server without having to modify it, so I try something like this:

ROOTDEV=`awk '/[  ]\/[  ]/ {print $2}' /etc/vfstab`

and have the shell substitute these variables:

ufsdump 0f -  ${ROOTDEV} | (rsh  ${REMOTEHOST} "cd  ${REMOTE_BACKUP};
ufsrestore xf -)"

This doesn't work fine. It in fact starts to restore to the local bootdisks,
with corruption as a result.
I have checked in the script that the variables have the correct values and
I have tried different syntaxes,
but with no result.
Has anybody any idea what is happening?

Oscar Goosens


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I use the command " ufsdump 0nuf /dev/rmt/0n $i" where $i is a list of
all my ufs file systems; this works fine and I can restore using the
command " ufsrestore -ivfs /dev/rmt/0 $i" where $i is the integer tape
file number.

The problem occurs when i change the ufsdump command to add a block size
ufsdump 0nufb /dev/rmt/0n 512 $i.  This works also; however I cannot
recover files from the tape dump

I try using ufsrestore and will get the following error message
media read error: not enough space

I am backing up to a 4mm tape.

the changing to a block size of 512 instead of using the default speeds
up the dump by 20-25% so this could be useful.

Thanks for any help

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