Read Sol 2.4 x86 disks in Linux: GURUS needed?

Read Sol 2.4 x86 disks in Linux: GURUS needed?

Post by H.J. Gibs » Thu, 02 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I have a Solaris 2.4 x86 machine, with a SCSI disk (no networking).

I want to transfer all the files over to a Linux disk (ext2 file system)

There is no networking, so cannot simply rcopy, NFS etc..

I can get Linux to see the SCSI disk, but when I try to look
at partitions,  there is only one (/dev/sda2)   which itself has
many internal partitions.
        Linux is throwing up * numbers, and warnings, showing that
it doesn't quite understand what to do with them - fdisk is complaining
about the partitions!

It is trying to tell me that the 1st partition is /dev/sda21 , 2nd is /dev/sda22
etc..   which is clearly nonsense.
The Solaris book refers to the file system as "UFS, combining BSD Fast
File System (BSD FFS) and the 4.3 Tahoe fast file system"  (gulp)

Possible solutions:  
a)  Somehow work out how wot get Linux to see the Solaris disk properly
b)  Work out another method of sucking the files over to another (Linux)

Solution A is obviously best, but may be impossible (help please?).

otherwise, if anyone can think of a good way to transfer 1GByte of
stuff easily between Solaris and Linux machines, please let me know.
Floppes or serial cables are both very tedious with 1GByte of data!

(I don't really want to start configuring Solaris networking)


1. Read Sol 2.4 x86 disks in Linux: GURUS needed?

I'm trying to read a Solaris 2.4 x86   SCSI disk  under Linux,
so I can transfer over a lot of personal files (1GByte)

I have got as far as Linux seeing the SCSI drive, but it gets
very upset about the partitions.  It appears that everything
is under /dev/sda2     but even fdisk partition listing is screwy.

the actual data partitions look like /dev/sda21  /dev/sda22   etc..
and I am snookered, as there aren't that many SCSI /dev points.
There are also lots of warnings about partitions ending in funny
places, etc..

Is there someone who has this working?

If not, can anyone suggest how I might tranfer over the
contents of the Solaris filing system to the Linux machine  without

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