xcom, PU/LU mainframe connectivity - HELP!!

xcom, PU/LU mainframe connectivity - HELP!!

Post by keith david sproc » Fri, 05 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have successfully configured a PU2.1 connection from a sparcstation 20
to a 3172 FEP using Brixton's BrxPU2.1 SNA product.  That part is fine.
What I really need to do is to get XCOM to work with that PU/LU so that
I can transfer files.  The folks at CA who sell XCOM tell me that XCOM
is only supported on Sunlink Peer to Peer 8.0 and not on BrxPU2.1.  The
reason that we are using the BrxPU2.1 and not Sunlink Peer to Peer is
because Sunlink does not work over FDDI which is what we have (at least
that is what the folks at Sun told me).  It seems that XCOM wants an
APPC or node name specification and BrxPU2.1 isn't giving one that xcom
likes or can use.  I get a


message every time I start up the xcomd.  I created a dummy /etc/appcs
file which has some entries to try to fake out XCOM, but no dice.

If you have any ideas (other than "give it up" or "use supported products
you idiot" or "channel attach" - I already suggested all of these to my
boss but it was his idea to do it this way - no comment) PLEASE send me
email.  I need HELP.


(disclaimer:  I don't work for OSU)


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Thanks in advance for your help.


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