detailed package list

detailed package list

Post by Gustavo Barat » Sat, 08 Jun 2002 08:33:44

does anybody knows if sun provides a detailed list of the packages on
solaris 9?
I just found a list in pdf format (I can't search) with a very short
description (most times unusable information) of the packages... It
doesn't even show which files it installs...



1. Detailed description of (free)OpenServer packages

Following the many links at  I haven't found a detailed
description of the software included in (free) SCO OpenServer.  Some
of the links on the `more info' page get a 404 message (non existent)

Having done several installs now and working on still another, I'd
like to know what I can leave out.  And still end up with a system
capable of running as a single user setup, hooked up to ISP over

Some of the packages that come to mind:
Newtwork Adapter drivers ( is ppp in there?)
NFS Runtime System  (what is it exactly?)
IPX/SPX Runtime System  (what is it?)
SCO Gateway for Netware  (probably unnecessary?)
Lan Manager Client   (probably unnecessary?)
PC Inerface Server (what does it do?)
Network Installed Server  (what does it do?)

Seems like, in the several manuals supplied with OpenServer, that this
material would be explained in some detail.
Pressing F1 during install doesn't give much either.

Is there a web page or something with the details?


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