Sun Cluster 3.0 vs Veritas Cluster Server

Sun Cluster 3.0 vs Veritas Cluster Server

Post by Jean-Charles Leynadi » Sun, 20 May 2001 01:53:21

I will soon begin a cycle of tests to compare the cluster products
running on Solaris/Sunfire and I am looking for **not commercial or
vendor whitepaper** informations about SC3.0 and/or VCS.

If you are using one of those products (or both ;-)) for your
business, what do you think about their reliability, their plus or
minus, etc... ?

I'll be very interesting in all advices about them.

Jean-Charles Leynadier,
Production Engineer,
CDC-Ixis Capital Markets IT Department.


1. VERITAS cluster server vs. SUN cluster -- Any recommendations ?


We are trying to evaluate a cluster software for our SUN/Solaris environment.

At present, we tend to the VERITAS cluster software as we already successfully run VxFS und VxVM
on our systems ( SF480, SF4800, Solaris 8, Solaris 9).

Does anyone have any comments to the VERITAS Cluster server or SUN Cluster ?

What cluster softare are you running and why ?

I thank you for your efforts.

bye stefan

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