Interchange 4mm tapes btwn Sun and HP tape drives

Interchange 4mm tapes btwn Sun and HP tape drives

Post by Salem Rey » Sat, 18 Feb 1995 12:25:14

I've heard many successful stories of intalling HP or Wangdat tape drives on
SunOS 4.x and Solaris 2.x systems.  But does anyone encounter any problem of
interchange tapes between a *real* Sun tapes drive and non-Sun tape drives?
In other words, could a HP (or WangDAT, etc) drive on a Sparc read from a 4mm
tape compressed by a Sun DAT tape drive?  I'll be greatly appreciated if anyone
could provide the model numbers for having such capabilities.  Thanks.




1. tape parameters for HP JetStore 6000 4mm DAT drive, DDS2 120m tapes?

I have an external HP Jetstore 6000 DDS2 DAT drive. Does anyone have the
parameters for this drive for Sun Solaris 2.3? So far, I've found that you
need to change some internal dip switches (which by the way was very hard to
get to) to make the drive work. I'm currently using the following parameters
to ufsdump:

blocking factor 1000
density         15000
size            15000

The values for the density and size were provided by HP tech support. However,
they told us to use the highest blocking factor that our system can tolerate.
I did do some timings and found that for a blocking factor of 96, I got a
measured transfer or 266 Kbytes/s, and for a blocking factor of 2000, I got
437 Kbytes/s. So the blocking factor does make a big difference. However,
depending on what processes you are running, ufsdump may fail because of lack
of resources (swap space perhaps?).

Does this tape drive require a specific blocking factor?

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