ANNOUNCE: Solaris 2.6 new pricing, subscriptions, bundles, availability

ANNOUNCE: Solaris 2.6 new pricing, subscriptions, bundles, availability

Post by David Van Bevere » Fri, 15 Aug 1997 04:00:00

To Everyone Interested in Solaris 2.6:

SunSoft will be formally announcing Solaris 2.6, in a day or so. Solaris
is the first year 2000 compliant release of Solaris, and includes over
new features, performance enhancements, WebStart browser based
online user registration, WebNFS support, Netwok time protocol, DCHP
client+server, NFS client failover, Answerbook 2, and much more. It is a

tremendous improvement from 2.5.1. We can say this in good faith as we
been beta testing it for months.

Solaris 2.6 will be available for order tomorrow, August 15. The
pricing for Solaris 2.6 is significantly different from the earlier
Solaris offerings. As always, EIS has done the research to condense
everything you need to know into a small space, and we are selling
product below the list prices. We also have even better discounts on
a few bundles. Here is a summary of list pricing and EIS pricing
for your information.

This software will be available for ordering from the EIS website at early next week. We expect to have stock by the
end of next week.

Here are the product prices. Descriptions and licensing rules are below.

Description            Sun    EIS Notes
--------------------   ---------- ---------------
Solaris 2.6 Desktop    $450  $380 (2.5.1 was $795)
Solaris 2.6 Server     $695  $587 (2.5.1 was $1295)
Unlimited User xtn.   $1295 $1094 (all new)
Intranet Extensions    $595  $502 (all new)

EIS Server Bundles:
Solaris 2.6 Unlimited     $2585 $2066 (sort of 2.5.1 web server, was
Solaris 2.6 Web/Workgroup $1290 $1031 (new category)

Desktop or Server OS is available for Intel only. Unlimited User and
Intranet extensions are available for SPARC and Intel. One CDROM has
all the bits for Intranet Extensions, and unlimited license is a
paper-only product.

Solaris 2.6 Unlimited Server includes the Solaris 2.6 server, unlimited
extension and Intranets Extensions.

Solaris 2.6 Web Workgroup Server includes the Solaris 2.6 server and

Both of the server bundles are steeper discounts than the standard


SunSoft has two subscriptions available. One is for the Desktop and one
for what is effectively he Unlimited Server. There is no subscription
available for the standard 2.6 Server (the $695 product). Both
are for two years.

SunSoft will be releasing maintenance updates several times per year.
the Sun Solaris for Intranets subscrption below, they estimate 11
of new product in the coming two years.

Pricing is as follows for two year subscriptions:

Product                                  Sun      EIS
------------------------------------    -----   -----
Solaris 2.6 Desktop Subscription         $495    $450
Solaris 2.6 for Intranets Subscription  $2895   $2634

Subscriptions are available for SPARC or Intel.

All of the subscriptions require ownership of a version of Solaris, or
a competing operating system: NT 3.x, Novell NetWare or SCO/Unixware. We

will not process subscription orders without indication that you have
of these products.

If you dont...

EIS is offering bundles for folks who don't have product already, or who

are ordering Solaris for a new computer.

Description                                Sun    EIS
--------------------                     -------------
Solaris 2.6 New Desktop plus two years    $945    $737
Solaris 2.6 Workgroup/Web plus two years $4185   $3264
Solaris 2.6 Unlimited plus two years     $5480   $4274

Both server offering include the Sun Solaris for Intranets subscription.

For sales on new systems built by EIS, we are offering steeper discounts

on software licenses plus subscriptions. Call for details.


The Desktop is licensed for 1-2 users and one CPU. It cannot be used as
a server. It is presumed that we all know what a server is.

The Desktop includes the OS, CDE 1.2, SDK, Solaris Documentation CD (all

answerbook documents), inlcudes the HotJava Browser and Java VM

The Server is licensed for 1-5 users and 1-4 CPUs. The type of use is
not restricted. However, if you have more than 5 login users on the
machine, you need to add tht unlimited user extension. The software in
the server is the same as the desktop. The Server also includes the
Advanced Installation Guide.

Intranet Extensions:
This is the added functionality that makes a Solaris server full
It can only be added to a server, since all of the features found herein
server-type addons. It includes:

Sun Web Server 1.0
Solaris Internet Mail Server 2.0 with 5 client licenses
Solstice Data Backup Utility 4.2.6
Solstice DiskSuite 4.1
SunLink 1.0 - PC/Mac networking (NetBEUI, IPX, appletalk server
              with one client license
Solstice PPP 3.0.1 - GUI-based PPP setup and administration utility.
Solstice NFS Client 3.1 - for Win95, adds NFS client to a Win95 machine
                          (1 user license)
SunScreen SKIP 1.1.1  - (win 95 software) encrypt data between a PC and
Solstice AdminSuite 2.3 - manage name services, printers, users, groups,
Solstice AutoClient 2.1 - manage remote field-replaceable desktops (w/
Java IDL 1.1


We will not ship subscriptions only without a full license if you tell
it is for a new system, or that you do not have a valid competing OS
you will destroy. When placing an order, we will ask. By faxing in or
such an order, or placing on the web server, your are signing up to
with this licensing arrangement.

There is no server-only subscription. Nor is there a
extension subscription. If you do not like this, reply to this message
email and we will pass your dissatisfaction on to SunSoft.

The SunSoft web page indicates there are three programs of subscriptions

available: Get Current, Stay current and Get/Stay Current. The first is
an upgrade to the latest version of Solaris. The second is a
form for geting new versions, with no current version media or license.
third is what we are selling. Unfortunately, this is only a marketing
statement. There is really only one part number, for what is in effect,
get+stay current. If you read the SunSoft statements carefully, this is
albeit obscurely. If you desire a different subscription program for the
please reply to this message via email and we will pass your
dissatisfaction on
to SunSoft.


This email has no part numbers. These parts will be posted to the EIS
website on Monday along with part numbers and ordering information.
Price sheets will be downloadable via email and fax, and product will
be orderable directly from our secure web server. Product will be
in the order which orders are received, with prepaid orders taking
over credit card and Net terms orders. If you absolutely cannot wait
for part numbers, order by the exact descriptions in this message, via
fax to (805) 383-1470. Be sure to include a phone number so we can
contact you.

Product will ship for a flat $25 fee for up to 20lb orders. We will use
third day or an alternate carrier (not US postal) in the USA, and US
Express  International service for non-domestic orders. Priority air
or second day) shipping is not available at this time due to common
overload, as a result of the Teamsters strike on UPS.

Sales Tax of 7.25% will be charged to orders billed to California

We hope this covers most of your major questions. If you have more
questions, ask away. We will maintan a frequently asked questions
regarding pricing, licensing, promotions, subscriptions, etc. on
our forthcoming Solaris 2.6 web page. Keep looking on for details.

David Van Beveren
EIS Computers, Inc.