Russian fonts for OpenWindows

Russian fonts for OpenWindows

Post by Alexander Malioukov I » Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for Russian fonts for my SPARC station (preferably under
Open Windows) in order to communicate with Russians. Any help is
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Please reply by e-mail.


Alexander Malioukov


1. Russian fonts with KDE - HOWTO?

Hi everybody,

How can I display cyrillic fonts in KDE applications?
For now, kedit and kmail would suffice.

I have RedHat 5.1 with kde-1.0 (kdebase-1.0-7rh51.i386.rpm etc.)
KDE works. The cyrillic fonts I've found and installed ("cronyx" family)
are in "koi8-r" encoding. I can also generate proper keyboard input with
xrus program.

With simple application like xterm I can set the font through resource
or command line switch '-fn <font>', but I was unable to configure
a KDE application to use my cylillic fonts.

If anybody knows how to do that or where to read about that, please help.

Thanks a lot,

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