Upgrading from Sol 2.3 to 2.5.1 on an SS5, caveats?

Upgrading from Sol 2.3 to 2.5.1 on an SS5, caveats?

Post by R. Stewart Ell » Sat, 19 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am in the process of preparing my SS5 to do a direct cutover from running
2.3 to 2.5.1.  I need to handle things this way because I do not want to
disrupt access to the GMI web server which runs on this machine.

To accomplish this I installed a second internal disk.  disk3 is the
original 524M.  I installed an internal 1G drive which autoconfigured itself
to target 1 when I did a 'boot -r'.  I was able to load the 2.5.1 on the 1G
disk by resetting boot-device to disk1.  So far so good.  I can easily boot
back and forth by resetting the boot-device and reboot'ing.

Now I am trying to get everything setup so that I can do the cutover.  I
have the two partitions of the 1G mounted on the booted 2.3 system as
/root251/ and /usr251/ .  Getting the CERN server and perl in place so that
they will run from either boot configuration should be relatively easy.  All
of the monolithic programs should be easy to copy to the new disks.  I do
not run EMACs so that simplifies things a bit.

Which brings me to the things that may be more problematic.

GCC:  is there anyway around a complete reinstall?  Or could I just copy the
old stuff into place and rerun fixincludes to take care of the changes in
the header files?  (I am running 2.5.6, but do not have a lot of time to put
into the process at this time.)

Wabi:  2.2 is supposedly a big win, but does anyone know how to get it to
access Novell servers?  Is there anyway to do that?  I vaguely remember
reading something over the last year or so.

SunPC:  with Sol 2.3 and SunPC 4.0.1 I am able to access the campus Novell
servers.  I am running SunPC 4.1 at home on a Sol 2.5 machine, but obviously
do not have a Novell server at home.  I know I read somewhere that accessing
Novell from SunPC 4.1 is different, but I cannot seem to find anything
discussing it at the moment.  Any pointers or experience?

Samba:  I have the SS5 setup with samba to share an hp4mp (?) PS printer to
Windows for Work Group PC's in my department, as well as for people printing
from other UNIX hosts on the network.  Will I simply be able to copy samba
and its config files over to the new setup, or will I need to recompile
because of changes in the networking libs?

hpnp:  this shows up under pkginfo, so I suppose the safest way to go is to
get the latest version and do a pkgadd, but I really do not look forward to
that.  I remember having to engage in some sorcery to get JetAdmin, samba,
and the admintool printer stuff to cooperate.  I REALLY dread this part.

If I were not facing SIGBUS every time I try to run a version of Netscape >
1.12, and if I did not want the latest PCMCIA and PPP stuff I would just
stay downrev, but that is no longer feasible.  I am sure I am forgetting
some other major gotchas.

All help appreciated.

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1. Sol 2.3 to Sol 2.3 5/94 UPGRADE ?


Having a Sun 4 system running Solaris 2.3, I wondered
if one can do an upgrade to Solaris 2.3 Hardware version 5/94.

After setting up an install_server, booting and answering the
required questions the install program offered me an "Upgrade"
Naturally I choose this one. But,....  the system doesn't actually
do an upgrade,... It only added SUNWbmac and SUNWaud... (or something
close to that)

Someone said:

Q. Is an "Upgrade" from Solaris 1.x/2.x to Solaris 2.3 Edition II

 A. No.  Since Solaris 2.3 Edition II is a new, platform-specific release
 for the new SPARCstation 5, SPARCserver 5, and SPARCstation
    Voyager(TM) machines, there should be no need for "upgrades".

How should we interpret this ?

(Mind !!! If I remember correctly Solaris 2.3 Hardware version 5/94
is actually Edition III  Yes..3)

Is there an upgrade possible, but only from 2.2 to 2.3 (5/94) ?

The question that follows out the previous is ofcourse:
If you want to upgrade a system from the normal Solaris 2.3
(not Solaris 2.3 5/94) to Solaris 2.3 5/94, do you only have to install
the Maintenance Supplement CD ?

I'm puzzled and I guess I'm not the only one.

Any comments are very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Belgium (Europe)

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