resize handles?

resize handles?

Post by shahram_n.. » Fri, 12 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Dear all

I noticed that OpenWindows on Solaris does not show
the circular-shaped handles when the mouse pointer is over
the corners of a window (so one does not know if one can
start resizing the window).

However Openwindows on SunOS 4 does show them. I am
using the same set of Xresources on both.

Does anyone know how Solaris Openwindows can be made
to display these pointer shapes?

Thanks very much for your help


1. Howto disable resize handles for a window?

Does anyone know how to turn off the resize handles (corners,borders and the
Size option in the windows title menu) for a type of window? (KDE 3.1 FWIW)

In Fvwm it's as easy as putting:

Style  "MyApp"       NoHandles

in the fvwm2rcfile. I've RTFM, STFW and still can't see any way of doing
this with kwin.

Can anyone help?



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