installing from flash archives using jumpstart

installing from flash archives using jumpstart

Post by Kev » Fri, 07 Feb 2003 01:59:30


I am trying to create a jumpstart profile that will install from a flash archive.

Using the jumpstart install method, I installed a SB100 with the end-user
software clster.  On reboot at the end of install I created the flash archive via
flarcreate, and was able to install from it using NFS server. So far so good.

I did the same using compress option to flarcreate, also OK.

I then "customised" the base install,  added a lot of local software and
patches to the system.

After that I created a second flash archive, using the same syntax as before.
It was a lot bigger this time!!

# ls -ltr
-rw-r--r--   1 root     other    453041741 Feb  4 16:07 S8-nopatches.archive
-rw-r--r--   1 root     other    4567679089 Feb  5 12:17 S8-extras.archive

However when I try to jumpstart using that archive I get an error at "opening
flash archive" time, saying the system is unable to mount the archive.

Is there a file size limit I have exceeded, if so is this documented somewhere?

On a successful jumpstart I see the log below.

I use this to create the flash archive

flarcreate \
 -n "Solaris 8 02/02 + NIS + Forte 6u2 + ..."  \

 -x /xxx

where /xxx is mounted from the NFS server.
The creation takes a long time, but returns without errors.


The system is coming up.  Please wait.
Starting remote procedure call (RPC) services: sysidns done.
System identification is completed.
Starting Solaris installation program...
Searching for JumpStart directory...
Using rules.ok from
Checking rules.ok file...
Using profile: Profiles/sb100-flash-prof
Executing JumpStart preinstall phase...
Searching for SolStart directory...
Checking rules.ok file...
Using begin script: install_begin
Using finish script: patch_finish
Executing SolStart preinstall phase...
Executing begin script "install_begin"...
Begin script install_begin execution completed.

Processing profile
        - Opening Flash archive
        - Validating Flash archive

WARNING: Unknown identification section keywords found:
        - creation_node
        - creation_hardware_class
        - creation_platform
        - creation_processor
        - creation_release
        - creation_os_name
        - creation_os_version

These keywords will be ignored.

        - Selecting all disks
        - Configuring boot device
        - Configuring / (c0t0d0s0)
        - Configuring swap (c0t0d0s1)
        - Configuring /opt (c0t0d0s3)
        - Configuring /scratch (c0t0d0s6)

Verifying disk configuration

Verifying space allocation
        NOTE: 1 archives did not include size information

Preparing system for Flash install

Configuring disk (c0t0d0)
        - Creating Solaris disk label (VTOC)

Creating and checking UFS file systems
        - Creating / (c0t0d0s0)
        - Creating /opt (c0t0d0s3)
        - Creating /scratch (c0t0d0s6)

Beginning Flash archive extraction

Extracting archive: Solaris 8 + no patches
        Extracted    0.00 MB (  0% of  255.30 MB archive)
        Extracted    1.00 MB (  0% of  255.30 MB archive)
        Extracted    2.00 MB (  0% of  255.30 MB archive)
        Extracted    3.00 MB (  1% of  255.30 MB archive)
        Extracted    4.00 MB (  1% of  255.30 MB archive)
        Extracted    5.00 MB (  1% of  255.30 MB archive)


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