xdm, login, shadow passwd

xdm, login, shadow passwd

Post by Bernie Kir » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 09:48:52

        We want to run xdm on a heap of Sparcstations (running solaris2.3)
and all this password aging stuff is really usefull as well. Is there a hacked
version of xdm that checks the aging info in the shadow password file? Ideally,
it would ask the user too change their password just like a normal login. Maybe
I'm asking for too much...

1. Shadow passwords, xdm, ftpd, passwd

Made and installed the shadow password package (release 3). Works, except

  passwd isn't allowing users to change their password, only root can do

  Xdm doesn't seem to understand about shadows.

  ftpd doesn't seem to understand about shadows.

Any pointer to fixing these things?

What else am I likely to encounter?


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