Vanishing CDROM ?

Vanishing CDROM ?

Post by mu.. » Sun, 23 Feb 2003 01:57:52

Something similar to this was recently posted on the Solaris
Developer Connection forum, with no resolution

I've a SunBlade 100 here, running Solaris 8. I recently installed
the Java 1.4.1 Solaris 8 recommended patch cluster, which includes

Following this, the CD seems to have disappeared - it is no longer
automounted by vold. The iostat(1M) command sees it (note there are
some odd characters in the "Serial No:" field, pasted as reported),
I have split the second line between "Serial" and "No" so it fits
in 80 characters):

iostat -E

sd0      Soft Errors: 0 Hard Errors: 5 Transport Errors: 0
Vendor: LITEON   Product: CD-ROM LTN485S   Revision: JOU2 Serial
         No: oYtoYtoYt
Size: 18446744073.71GB <-1 bytes>
Media Error: 0 Device Not Ready: 5 No Device: 0 Recoverable: 0
Illegal Request: 0 Predictive Failure Analysis: 0

/etc/vold.conf says:

use cdrom drive /dev/rdsk/c*s2 cdrom%d

and /dev/rdsk has

/dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s2  /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s2  /dev/rdsk/c0t2d0s2

matching that wildcard.

/etc/ doesn't mention either a CD or "sd0", although
/etc/driver_aliases does mention "sd":

sd "ide-cdrom"

There are some odd messages that are being thrown up at boot time,
dmesg reporting (lines split by me to fit):

Feb 21 15:52:50 witch genunix: [ID 723599 kern.warning] WARNING:
        Driver alias "cal" conflicts with an existing driver name or alias.
Feb 21 15:53:11 witch unix: [ID 926934 kern.warning] WARNING:
        invalid vector intr: number 0x7de, pil 0x0

I'm no expert on Solaris devices, and am somewhat stuck. I'd rather
avoid a clean reinstallation if at all possible. Any ideas ?



1. Vanishing CDROM

I recently upgraded my Abit AX5-based poota (more RAM, Cyrix MII300,
2-speed SCSI CDROM -> 24-speed IDE) and all seemed fine until a couple
of days ago when Win95 lost the CDROM.

Linux can still see it and read it, but it's nowhere to be seen in Win95
Device Manager. I tried another IDE CDROM (broken mechanically but not
electrically) and it can't see that either, but if I put the SCSI CDROM
back it can see that.

I also noticed from Device Manager that my IDE hard drives (I have 2,
primary master and slave - CDROM is secondary master) are running in DOS
compatibility mode, but the help is very unhelpful as to what it means
or what to do about it.

Any ideas? Ta. - Philip
Philip Le Riche {PS Anti-spam auto-responder on reply address -
                  use pleriche at uk03 dot bull dot co dot uk}
(Malgre son nom, ce brave homme ne parle pas Francais)

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