Obtaining locale feature packages for Sol 2.2

Obtaining locale feature packages for Sol 2.2

Post by Gary Goc » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 03:04:59

How do I get the "Japanese Feature Package" for Solaris 2.2?

The OLIT 3.2 Reference Manual, in the beginning of chapter 4 (internationalization),
says that, in order to localize an application, one must obtain the "feature package"
for the intended locales.  For example, if you want to Japanize your application,
you must obtain the "Japanese Feature Package".  The JFP will enable you to set the
locale to "ja", and assumedly would provide Sun's text input method for Japanese.

My local Sun rep is having a heck of a time locating the source of these feature
packages.  I had to fax him a copy of the OLIT pages because he isn't running
Solaris 2.2, and of course, the AnswerBook CD is useless unless you're running 2.2.

Does anyone have part numbers or any other information about these feature packages?