ppp ip-adresses variable?

ppp ip-adresses variable?

Post by Dick Brui » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 00:28:44

I'm using Solaris 2.4  ppp software on my Sparc workstation.
I have a internet provider who provides me with a variable server ip-adress
as well as a variable local host ip-adress. These ip numbers vary everytime
i dial in on my internet-ppp provider.
I wonder how to cope with that situation using the standard ppp software?
I have found no options which i can use for this situation.
Anybody some ideas?
Is there a patch/update coming/available?
Have I missed something?

I think this situation is becoming more and more used, as the number of
people who want an internet connection increases, and on the other hand the
internet provider wants to be as flexible as possible in selection systems
for services.
( I have seen a FreeBsd version of pppd with that options, but that is not
the way i want to go)

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