copy/paste problem

copy/paste problem

Post by John MacDonald - Analyst_Programm » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 00:43:16

When i try a copy/paste from a shelltool, from a 'more' for instance, to an OLIT application it takes two 'copy' keypresses to get the selection to register on the clipboard, any ideas why this should be and how i can get it to respond to one.

                                                        Many Thanks.


copy/paste problem

Post by Alain Brossard EPFL-SIC/S » Fri, 11 Nov 1994 23:57:24

        There are patches for xview which seem to solve that problem

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1. Copy/Paste problem

I'm using XVT Design 3.0 on a SCO ODT 3.0 system. The Xterminal, from
which I'm running it, consists of a PC running Windows 95 and Xvision 6.

I have a big problem. I can't copy/paste at all in XVT Design. This
also means I can't copy controles from one window to another e.g. in
another project.

As I must have a solution to this I wellcome any help.

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