WABI 2.0, MS-Mail, Solaris 2.4, and Novell

WABI 2.0, MS-Mail, Solaris 2.4, and Novell

Post by Arnold Troeg » Fri, 07 Apr 1995 04:00:00

X-Disclaimer:   Opinions expressed here are my own and not UNOCAL's
 X-Disclaimer:  Opinions expressed here are my own and not UNOCAL's

We are trying to configure our systems so that our UNIX users can run
MS-Mail using WABI and read the MMF files on our Novell server.  We
are exploring a couple of options: one is to nfs mount the Novell
post-office filesystem to the Solaris server where WABI is running;
the other option is to nfs mount a UNIX file system to the Novell
server and use that as a postoffice directory.

The Solaris server is a SparcCenter 1000 running Solaris 2.4, and the
Novell servers are running Netware 3.11 / 3.12.  

I would appreciate any comments you may have about this sort of
concept, such as security issues, backup issues, relative cost, or
alternative scenarios.

Thank you in advance for your comments.
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1. Solaris 2.3 with WABI, MS-MAIL and Novell.

I was asked the following question and would like to know if it is
a) possible  and if so
b) how do I do it. (what software is required, configuration info etc).

   Admin. uses MS-Windows on a Novell Network. The internal mailing system
uses MS-Mail with the local Postoffice (mail storage) on the Local Novell
server. Most staff use MS-DOS PC's runnning MS-Windows to access the Novell
Network, Mail, Wordprocessors etc. Technical and Research computing is done on
a network of Sun's (and other Unix Workstations / Servers etc).

   Can a user of the Solaris 2.3 on one of the Sun SparcStations access his
MS-Mail account on the Novell Server using WABI and running the MS-Mail
client, and what ever else is needed.

Any and all info cheerfully accepted.

Thanks in advance.


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