UNIX Sys Admin: Ottawa

UNIX Sys Admin: Ottawa

Post by Skystone Systems Corporatio » Tue, 27 May 1997 04:00:00

Hello and sorry for posting a job notice in this group. I know I've broken
some netiquette, but our need for an experienced UNIX Sys Admin person is
so dire I'm willing to run the gauntlet.

So here's what we're looking for...

- 3 years UNIX System Administration (Solaris 2.51 and/or HP-UX)
- demonstrated C and Perl programming
- experience installing and supporting CAD tools is an asset
- experience with version control and backup procedures
- degree in comp sci or related discipline

And here's what you'll do...

We're searching for an individual to administer our UNIX development
environment. You'll install, upgrade, and maintain our UNIX boxes. You'll
write install scripts and develop network automation tools to improve the
efficiency of our workstations. You'll troubleshoot and resolve UNIX-based
problems and administer our suite of CAD tools. You can also expect to do
some LAN work as required (we already have a LAN Administrator in-house).

And here's a little about our company...

We're Skystone Systems Corporation and we're a  rapidly expanding
organization. We're a fabless semiconductor shop that designs, develops,
and markets a suite of high-speed, SONET-based chips for telecom/datacom
equipment manufacturers. Were looking for people who can juggle
priorities, learn on the fly, tackle a variety of problems, and bring a
strong customer focus to the table.

And, since we'll cover your relocation costs, and offer all employees
excellent salaries, an annual performance bonus plan, and stock options,
we'd like to hear from you. To apply, send your resume to:

Human Resources
Skystone Systems Corporation
146 Colonnade Road
Nepean (Ottawa), ON
K2E 7Y1
fax: 613-226-9561


1. UNIX sys admin's & MVS sys prog's required ------------ SF

UNIX SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR              San Francisco

In depth knowledge and hands-on senior level systems administration
related experience with HP - HPUX 9.X & 10.X, Sun-Solaris 2.X and
UNIX/SPEC 1170 variants with a strong working knowledge of OpenNet =
TCP/IP network


MVS SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER                  San Francisco

In depth knowledge and hands-on intermediate level MVS  systems
administration and systems maintenance, DASD management and a working
knowledge of the OpenNet-TCP/IP network. A working knowledge of CICS,
PC client systems and/or knowledge of relational and non-relational
databases would be a bonus.

For consideration for any of the above positions, please forward your
resume to:

John Peto, Advantage Technical Services
6000 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 400
Pleasanton, CA 94588
T: 510 463-9300
F: 510 463-9388

URL: http://www.advantagets.com

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