Removing password prompt for rsh and rexec

Removing password prompt for rsh and rexec

Post by Pablo J. Groberma » Tue, 26 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to remove the user=B4s password prompt when doing rs=
and rexec?. I=B4m trying to rsh and rexec from a Windows NT 3.51 machine
to a Solaris 2.5 x86 with TCP/Wrappers (from Internet Gateway for
Solaris). I=B4m able to deactivate the wrappers but I still can=B4t rsh a=
rexec without the password prompt.

Thank you very much.

Pablo Groberman
Rosario - Argentina


1. Removing Password: prompt for Account with no Password Solaris X.86

I have an account with a custom shell, and I only want the account
(actually require the account) to not only not require a password but to
not prompt for one.  In the man page for passwd is says to simply type
passwd -d acct
The man page says that will remove the password and not prompt for it
anymore.  However, when I log into that account the first thing it does
is prompt the user to enter a New password!
I tried removing it with -d and then locking it with -l and I still get
the same results.
From root I use passwd acct and just hit enter when it prompts for the
password.  This removes the password but it still prompts for one. Really
desperate I edited the shadow file and removed the password but I still
am prompted for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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