Sunsoft PRINT client - even

Sunsoft PRINT client - even

Post by Sarah Woo » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone used sunsoft print client? I'ld like to hear how you got
on with it




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1. SunSoft Print Client/LPLite and diskless clients

We're using SunSoft Print Client (formerly LPLite) on our
standalone Suns and everything works perfectly.

We've just upgraded our main server to Solaris 2.5 and with it
many of the diskless clients and I would like to use SSPC on the
diskless clients as well.

Unfortunately the main server will be the printer server (when we
can work out how to do this) and I'm a little nervous about
whether SSPC will conflict with this since SSPC is only a client

Does anybody know whether I can install SSPC on a Solaris machine
which is a printer server ? If not for its own use then for Solaris
2.5 diskless clients of that machine ?


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