Telnet problem

Telnet problem

Post by Crai » Thu, 18 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I posted a message thread to this board last week which has been removed as
it had been on the server for a while. I've developed some new symptoms and
would like to share them with those of you out there who know a whole lot
more than I. I greatly appreciate anyone looking this over and any insight
anyone can give.

I've got a Sparc Ultra 450 running Solaris 2.5. It stopped allowing telnet
connections suddenly the other day and I can't seem to pin down why. I've
rebooted the server and the problem persists. I've also reviewed the
reference material I have at my disposal to no avail. I'm hoping that some
of you out there with more experience than I, and that doesn't say much as I
have less than 1 year experience with Solaris and just over a year with UNIX
in general, will have a solution.

I can still connect to the machine via FTP and can still log in at the
console, although logging in at the console is a time consuming task. It was
easily taking 5 minutes to get logged in. No weird messages appear, it was
just really slow.  I booted into maintenance mode and ran fsck -y on all the
disk slices.  Now the log in at the console is amost back to normal, still a
little slow, but tolerable.

The fsck -y did fix some problems on different disk slices.

When attempting to telnet to the machine, it immediately closes the
connection.  There is never a login prompt presented, the only thing sent
from the machine is a line that states "sunOS 5.6".  After that a dialog box
stating "Connection to host lost" is all you get.

I have some messages in the /var/adm/messages file which seem to relate and
continue appearing after a reboot. They are:

/usr/dt/bin/ttsession[6065]: Error: rpc.ttdbserverd on is not
Bad file number.

These two statements are grouped as one message and repeats.

The second message is:
inetd[146]: /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd: exit status -1

This message also repeats.

I'm puzzled at both of these messages. I know that inetd.conf is the file
that determines what network services are started at boot, but have little,
or no idea what the ttdbserverd is. Really all I know is that it has to do
with the ToolTalk system, but really don't exactly know what it's all about
either. I've checked inetd.conf and telnet is an enabled service, it also
has an entry for rpc.ttdbserverd. From the two messages it seems that  this
service is trying to be respawned, but fails.  The entries in indetd.conf

telnet  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/in.telnetd   in.telnetd
1000831/1   tli   rpc/tcp  wait   root   /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd

I'm also in the dark about what a bad file number is.  I would also like to
know a little about the superblock and magic numbers I've heard about.
Again, most of my reference material mentions the subject then goes on.  Can
anyone recommend on-line reference material or a good book that covers
Solaris?  I like to read, but darn it, I want to be able to find what I need
to know and none of the books I've got, or the web sites I've visited are
telling me.

I appreciate any advise or insight anyone can give.



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we are using sco unix 3.2  on pentium
One of the user wrote a shell program which creates dir and sub directiores.
ie he wrote a shell program which creates a directory new and a 2nd
sudirectory new inside new . this goes on infinitely  

When i went to single user mode and tried to delete it using rm -r new
it gives message rm: path too long (1023/1024)

Fsck on the filsystem fails in the second phase ie while checking Pathnames
giving a message Dir pathname too deep Increase MAXPATH & recompile
can anyone suggest how to delete the directories new.
I have already tried incresing the NINODE and NFILE parameter in kernel
parameter with no luck.

We also face a telnet problem ie suddenly users are no longer able to do
a telnet to the server but ping to the server works fine.
even telnet from the same server to itself fails.
ie suppose the server name is archie. then users suddenly arenot able to
do telnet to archie server . also telnet from archie to archie itself fails
ishort the telnet daemon dies. The problem gets rectified when i do a
tcp stop and tcp start.
Is there any permanent solution to the above problems


Thanks in advance.

Awaiting some reply at the earliest

Best Regards


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