Post by Walter T Rejune » Fri, 23 Mar 2001 23:11:21

I have a couple questions on ftp configuration on Solaris 8

1. I get the impression from reading various man pages that there is a
way to limit the number of outbound ftp connections that can be active
for a single user. If this is true, where is the limit defined?

2. I also get the impression that there is a mechanism that can cause an
inactive ftp session to be aborted and cause ftp to exit. If this is
true, where is it configured?

3. If a shell script is used as a cron job to automatically kick off an
ftp transfer, what signal can be sent (other than SIGKILL) to the shell
script which will cause the shell script to kill the ftp session and
then exit the shell script. I tried SIGTERM but it was ignored and I had
to use the SIGKILL even though I don't like to use that one if I can
avoid it.

Any help appreciated.


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One-year newbie Solaris admin here. (And four yrs Linux experience extra,
that count extra credit?)

Management thinks they want an internet ftp server for the company.
they're mgt, and 'I serve at their pleasure'.. and paycheck. My questions:

1). why use a package like ProFTP or WU-ftp, instead of Solaris 2.6 ftp,
seems to me easy enough to use and cfg? (I'd ask them why, but that'd be
as 'a bad thing'.)
2). which FTP is 'better'? I've heard of WU-ftp security holes, but am not
with Pro-FTP problems.
3). is there a better way to go?

I'm guessing this is for external customer browser convenience, which will
make me
RTFMs soon enough, yet any other comments, suggestions, or insights would be
appreciated. Thank you.

(name alias and bogus email adrs to protect the guilty.)

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