Various Flavors of Unix vs. Windows NT for Web Server

Various Flavors of Unix vs. Windows NT for Web Server

Post by Bob Bancrof » Wed, 02 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hello.  My associates and I are thinking of setting up an Internet access
provider in our area.  One of our main focuses would be as a Web Server,
authoring, consulting, publishing, etc.  I hav had lots of conflicting
data on different approaches of setting this sort of thing up, and I
thought I'd ask some of you, since you all seem to be so knowledgeable.  
Of course I realize some of this may just be a matter of taste.

Anyway, first issue is whether 'tis better to buy a nice big SPARC, or a
whole fleet of Pentium boxes.  What do you all think of this?  For
example, a Pentium for news, one for mail, and one or two for web, or
just a SPARC20 or something like that?  Some of the advantages of the
Pentium construction seem to be more flexibility, lower costs, and
redundancy.  However, some have argued that the SPARC is just much more
powerful and easier to work with.  I look forward to some input here.

The other issue is the OS.  I imagine this is the wrong place to even
mention Windows NT (don't hurt me), but it is out there and I must
consider all possibilities.  Most people have told me to stay away from
NT as it tends to be less secure, is proprietary, and has less software
and support.  On the other hand, it is supposed to be much easier to work
with. Of course, it is much newer and maybe less stable.  I don't really
like MS anyway...but what do you think?  If UNIX, which version is good,
for a RISC, or for the Pentium?  I have had BSDI recommended to me
several times for Intel chips.  What are its virtues?  What about
Solaris?  Thank you very much for your time.