change installed group systemwide, how?

change installed group systemwide, how?

Post by Thomas Wank » Fri, 20 Jul 2001 20:10:50


i want to change the installed group you always have preinstalled when
you install a new user with admintool which is "staff" on my solaris 8
to another name. in which file do i have to change this staff name?

the other thing is, that i want to disallow my installed users to look
in the directories of the other users. i thought this can be done by
give them different groups. but thats not the way. then i thought i
change the umask but thats also not.

how can i learn more about groups and what they are for?



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I need to reorganize group names and gid in a server.

If possible could you send me the command line or korn shell to change
to a new group id number and new group name for all the files of a given
old group name or old gid in all the file systems.

Off course, new group name and new gid have already being defined in
/etc/group and also user have being updated to new gid in /etc/passwd.

Thank you very much,

Mario Desiderio

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