(v8.6.12 and/or v8.6/SMI): serving multiple domains? (v8.6.12 and/or v8.6/SMI): serving multiple domains?

Post by Richard L. Hamilto » Sat, 15 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Any hints for how to act as a (perhaps alternate) mailserver for
multiple domains, not only accepting mail from multiple domains
for redistribution, but preserving their domainname when forwarding
the mail to its destination rather than rewriting the originator's
address to my domain?  I know the limited_masquerade capability of
8.8.5 supports this, but 8.8.5 isn't currently an option.  I figure
there has to be a way to do in in one of the 8.6 flavors mentioned
in the subject line, even if it would be a little ugly.

ftp> get |fortune
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