How to add sendmail.8.10.1 and delete sendmail.8.9

How to add sendmail.8.10.1 and delete sendmail.8.9

Post by momo » Tue, 20 Jun 2000 04:00:00

please help me I will thanks very much.    Metro Yen

1. Sendmail 8.9.1a & AIX 4.2/4.3

Greetings, Sendmail gurus:

I'm having a very frustrating time getting Sendmail 8.9.1 with the patch

to work properly.  I obtained the dist and patch from,
got the latest m4 compiler and patch program and applied them, and
8.9.1a successfully.

Behaviour:  It starts as a daemon without complaint, and doesn't relay.
will accept locally composed mail and send it outbound.  However, it
will not
accept mail originating either from outside for a legit inside user, nor
will it
accept mail originating from inside to another inside user.

The error Postmaster receives is:
   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
Cannot give this flag and people to send to.

I've been thru all the dejanews postings on this, and through the
Sendmail FAQ and
comp.unix.aix faq.  All the sendmail FAQ says is that the internal
mailer is not
accepting the hand-off of the mail Sendmail is receiving.  However, I've
the that was generated, and it's virtually identical to the
standard AIX in calling /bin/bellmail and passing off the same arguments.

Mailq and newaliases work without complaint.  Anyone have any
esp. those of  you at  Any hints greatly appreciated!

Kent Hooker, Sr. Systems Programmer, Unix Support & Systems Admin.
Division of Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

PGP Public Key available at URL:

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