How to abort CDE using keybaord??

How to abort CDE using keybaord??

Post by Ahmad Bahbaha » Wed, 02 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hello ppl,

        Some times when running wabi and for some reason wabi crashed,
I am left with no way of closing it. if this happens with me not
running any terminal sessions I can kill it and I can't exit CDE
altogether and am left with the only option of pushing RESET button. I
can't seem to find any way to exit CDE (or OPENWIN for that matter)
using keyboard. I am sure the system is* because if somebody
telnet into my machine it gives him a login name. I know someone might
suggest that I telnet into my machine from another machine and just
kill the dtlogin. But since my machine is at home and it might not be
connected to the internet when this happen then this option won't
work. So, my question is: Is there a key combination to use in such
extreme situations???

thank you all


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Hi All,

I have an Ultra 10 running release 8, and the console keyboard has
stopped working in the login screen.

It works fine in command mode, booting etc  but once I get to the
desktop login, the keystokes do not get to the login field.  The mouse
works so I can try different options and ensure the login field is
highlighted to accept text.

If I click on the start over button, it repaints the screen but there
is no change.  I have rebooted the box several times with no change.

I can still login with telnet over tcp/ip.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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