Anyone used Sun ShowMe video package using Solaris 2.4?

Anyone used Sun ShowMe video package using Solaris 2.4?

Post by ga.. » Sat, 10 Jun 1995 04:00:00

wondering if anyone has used the Sun ShowMe video package using Solaris 2.4?
I have installed it and can use it locally (within our LAN) but we can not
make any inbound and outbound connections (audio, video or whiteboard) to/from
remote machines that are located in different parts of the country. Is there
something within ShowMe that restricts it from making external connections
outside our domain? If any of you have got it to work this way, please
let know if something special needs to be done.

BTW, as I mentioned, we have used the audio, video and whiteboard conferences
internally on our local machines and it works perfect.

The system particulars are: SPARC5, Solaris2.4 OS, X-Window/Motif.




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it looks like, when i drive the ethernet at ethernet speed, that
interface wedges up.  sometimes

        ifconfig iee0 down
        ifconfig iee0 up

will cure it, but (more often) i hae to reboot my system.  i find no
patches which address this issue.  am i the only person out there using
an ether epxress which behaves like this?

(i'm pretty confident the ethernet card isn't at fault since i was able
to drive it at ethernet speed consistently with windows nt 3.5 ... )

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