posix vs. solaris aio

posix vs. solaris aio

Post by Joe Seig » Thu, 15 Mar 2001 01:21:16

Which is more efficient?  solaris aio does completion notification
via a blocking aiowait and posix does it via a signal.  I would
think that signal delivery overhead is less than a thread context
switch to dispatch the aiowait thread.  Or is there something
lame going on like a sigqueue() from a library rather than
from the kernel for posix aio?

Joe Seigh


1. Q. POSIX aio on Solaris 2.3 broken ?

The last section of the manual page in 2.4 is very
clear about this:

     In Solaris 2.4, these functions always return  - 1  and  set
     errno  to  ENOSYS, because this release does not support the
     Asynchronous Input and Output option.  It is  our  intention
     to provide support for these interfaces in future releases.


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