Views on: Best pc to pc remote networking solution (repost)

Views on: Best pc to pc remote networking solution (repost)

Post by European On-Line Partner » Mon, 07 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Any views on the following?

Quote:>Hi All,

>What is the best pc to pc remote networking software on the market?

>I wish to remotely connect a pc to pc to at least file transfer, but also
>to run executables on the remote machine if possible? Can this be done
>neatly today?

>I have configured pc anywhere, but it is extremely slow, the display of
>both host and calling machine distort, and the s/w requests reducing the
>resolution of the video driver on one machine cos its too high ???

>These probs make it unusable so far.

>To further complicate things the remote executable might contain mpeg
>images, which i'm sure whatever terminal is supported won't be viewable by
>the other side, or could they?

>If file transfer is the only application, all that is really needed is a
>dialer and a transfer stack- is there a simple elegant way to do this
>using win '95 to a win 3.11 machine?

>Thanks for all replies.

>David Horgan