8 bit None parity configure for Modem on solaris

8 bit None parity configure for Modem on solaris

Post by Mushfiqur Rahm » Wed, 23 Mar 1994 03:27:51

I am trying to dial-in to my machine from remote site via modem on 8 bit
parity but so far i couldn't do it. I will attached the ttydefs file and
if anybody here knows how to set the file to 8 bit none parity. thanks
 It is on solaris 2.3. I made the changes on conttyH ..
Any help will be appreciate !!

38400:38400 hupcl:38400 hupcl::19200
19200:19200 hupcl:19200 hupcl::9600
9600:9600 hupcl:9600 hupcl::4800
4800:4800 hupcl:4800 hupcl::2400
2400:2400 hupcl:2400 hupcl::1200
1200:1200 hupcl:1200 hupcl::300
300:300 hupcl:300 hupcl::38400

38400E:38400 hupcl evenp:38400 evenp::19200
19200E:19200 hupcl evenp:19200 evenp::9600
9600E:9600 hupcl evenp:9600 evenp::4800
4800E:4800 hupcl evenp:4800 evenp::2400
2400E:2400 hupcl evenp:2400 evenp::1200
1200E:1200 hupcl evenp:1200 evenp::300
300E:300 hupcl evenp:300 evenp::19200

auto:hupcl:sane hupcl:A:9600

console:9600 hupcl opost onlcr:9600::console
console1:1200 hupcl opost onlcr:1200::console2
console2:300 hupcl opost onlcr:300::console3
console3:2400 hupcl opost onlcr:2400::console4
console4:4800 hupcl opost onlcr:4800::console5
console5:19200 hupcl opost onlcr:19200::console

contty:9600 hupcl opost onlcr:9600 sane::contty1
contty1:1200 hupcl opost onlcr:1200 sane::contty2
contty2:300 hupcl opost onlcr:300 sane::contty3
contty3:2400 hupcl opost onlcr:2400 sane::contty4
contty4:4800 hupcl opost onlcr:4800 sane::contty5
contty5:19200 hupcl opost onlcr:19200 sane::contty

4800H:4800:4800 sane hupcl::9600H
9600H:9600:9600 sane hupcl::19200H
19200H:19200:19200 sane hupcl::38400H
38400H:38400:38400 sane hupcl::2400H
2400H:2400:2400 sane hupcl::1200H
1200H:1200:1200 sane hupcl::300H
300H:300:300 sane hupcl::4800H

conttyH:9600 -parity opost onlcr:9600 sane -parity hupcl::contty1H
contty1H:1200 -parity opost onlcr:1200 sane -parity hupcl::contty2H
contty2H:300 -parity opost onlcr:300 sane -parity hupcl::contty3H
contty3H:2400 -parity opost onlcr:2400 sane -parity hupcl::contty4H
contty4H:4800 -parity opost onlcr:4800 sane -parity hupcl::contty5H
contty5H:19200 -parity opost onlcr:19200 sane -parity hupcl::contty6H
contty6H:38400 -parity opost onlcr:38400 sane -parity hupcl::contty7H
contty7H:57000 -parity opost onlcr:57000 sane -parity hupcl::conttyH

Mushfiqur Rahman
University of Texas at Austin

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1. how to set the modem to 8 bit and non parity (question about pppd)

i try to use the pppd to dail to the schoool, I use the pppd to
specific the /dev/cua1 and use chat to dail out, but I
keep have some problem, the info from the /var/log/messages is

pppd[160]: pppd 2.2.0 started by root, uid 0
   chat[161]: timeout set to 3 seconds
   chat[161]: send (rAT^M)
   chat[161]: expect (OK)
   chat[161]: alarm
   chat[161]: send (+++)
   chat[161]: expect (OK)
   chat[161]: alarm
   pppd[160]: Exit.
   chat[161]: Failed

I also set up the asppp connection in solaris 2.5 x86, so I feel this is
because my modem has to be 8bits clean, in solaris I just put P_ZERO then
everything is fine.

I guess there must have a option for pppd to initialize the modem to 8 bit
clean non parity.

or some option in chat make it dialout with 8 bits clean, like in solaris
cu -b 8

thanx for any help

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