Password aging with NFS client 3.1 ( Solstice )

Password aging with NFS client 3.1 ( Solstice )

Post by Alan lammer » Sat, 01 Aug 1998 04:00:00

We are using solstice NFS client 3.1 to access files ( Word , excel , ....
on an Ultra I server running Solaris 2.5 ( will be upgraded to 2.6 soon ) .

We are using password aging for our users defined in a NIS+ database stored
on Ultra I server but we are not able to receive a warning message when we
connect with the NFS client although we have configured the user with
several days of warning .
We wish to receive a warning before user password gets obsolete . Is this a
configuration problem ? . Can we use a script to manage it ? .

Another problem :
When password gets obsolete the message that we receive from NFS client is
the same that the one we receive when the password is incorrect for any
other reason ( misspell , ... ) . Is possible to receive different messages
for each one ?

Thanks very much