Emulating 3-button mouse/trackball with a 2-button device?

Emulating 3-button mouse/trackball with a 2-button device?

Post by Axel Schweige » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'd like to hook up a trackball to an Ultra-10. I got the converter box
that lets
me hookup PC devices to it. Since I like to use the middle button for
pasting, I need
so somehow emulate the 3'rd button. Can somebody tell me how to map the
two-button versions
to emulate the standard 3-button mouse. I've seen this on Linux.

Please e-mail

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I have a Compaq Contura laptop with a built-in 2-button trackball which works
great in X. I've also have an external 3-button Logitech mouseman when
using my laptop in it's dockingstation. Now, I wan't to use the real mouse
when it's availible (with 3 buttons) and the trackball otherwise.

My question to you is now - Can I get XFree to auto-detect when I'm using
the mouse and then disable the Emulate3Buttons feature?



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